Since product launch, we have worked with specialty tea company Swallowtail Tea to develop both brand and packaging visual identities.  This included logo creation and label design.

Create a succinct, mostly text-based logo with an artisan feel, limited complexity, and flexibility for branding. The logo will be a primary focus of the packaging, and needs to be visible and legible on a product shelf.

The logo begins to educate and inform the consumer about the brand, and in conjunction with the labels creates a feel for this new company. It is unique and hand-lettered, but remains legible and simple. It can be used as a one-color logo, it is easily reversed in color value, and can be presented with a splash of color in the butterfly wing in appropriate situations.

Create a label which accurately conveys information on each tea style while maintaining consistent branding and creating a lush, fresh visual for the consumer. Each style and label should maintain a unique artistic theme related to the tea within, while remaining thematically similar throughout the entire line.

Each tea label contains information on both the front and the rear of the can, organized into “nodes” where the information changes for different styles in the line. These front and back nodes were sized so as to remain visible to the consumer on the shelf or in-hand, without a great amount of bleed-over around the side of the can where information would not be visible. Each style also has a unique and lush painting-style background which further conveys the style, tasting notes, origin, or general feeling of the style of tea. The six labels can be viewed below.


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